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Stranger – Lagos


Store owner, Yegwa Ukpo feat. in designer Kenneth Ize’s Sp/Su ’15 campaign.

With the rise of African fashion on the global stage, concept stores like Stranger make Western retailers feel strangely stale. The Lagos fashion community seems to have the advantage of being a tighter-knit intersection of talent and style, which allows for collaborations, lifestyle branding, and cutting edge coolness to flourish in the retail experience. Stranger carries fresh emerging brands, such as my former Parson’s student Niyi Okuboyejo’s, Post Imperial label. In addition to a unique menswear assortment, owner Yegwa Ukpo also features what he calls the “Magenta Room” – an onsite micro-cafe that serves freshly ground coffee brewed in vacuum siphon filters, cold brewed coffee, and a wide variety of teas from all over the world. Nothing strange about Lagos retail these days.DSCF1172+copy


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