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Cape Town Fashion Week ’10: Tart

Sporty wearable knitwear all grounded in basic solid colors within a simple Tetris-like dotted printed silk. A tight collection of black, magenta, kelly green, grey and pops of pimento orange and neon yellow.

The Tart look is clean, simple and sporty cutouts, elastic trims, and comfortable gowns in jerseys or flowy prints.

Reminiscent of Donna Karan knit dressing, and Daryl K asymmetry in solid colour blocking, the neon coloured Capri tights and Tetris printed fabric grounded the styling.

The collection was not dominated by the body conscious fitted jersey dresses, but included some looser offerings in flowy maxi length printed and solid dresses, and deconstructed loosely weaved summer sweaters over pop coloured spandex.

Overall a sleek collection full of minimalism and soft dressing, and there was the occasional tailored look with tuxedo detailing.


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