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Kanye West x Adidas Originals ‘FA15

_AG18845 _AG18848 _AG18853 _AG18856 _AG18874 _AG18911 _AG18941 _AG18973 _AG18977 _AG18986 _AG19010 _AG19057 _AG19062 _AG19105 _AG19114 _AG19140 _AG19179 _AG19193True to form, our boy Yeezy has had quite the week. Leading up to his career-shifting New York Fashion Week preview, the rapper/producer/artist/designer was uncensored regarding his views on the widely critiqued randomness of the Grammy Awards selection process. In case you haven’t turned on a computer in a week, Kanye crept up on the ‘Album of the Year’ winner, Beck in a fake-out “imma’ let you finish” Taylor Swift move, but promptly returned to his seat laughing. It was his post-show commentary honesty that has once again baited KanYHaters into a frenzy – suggesting that he is spoiled and flat out wrong for requesting that Beck and the Grammy’s “respect artistry” and that this year’s winner acknowledge that Beyonce in fact had the best album the year. Unfortunately Ye’s views aren’t arguable – most Beck fans admit that this album is one of his least compelling, and we all know how the world a.k.a. internet stopped when Bey dropped her visual album. As expected the media and bloggosphere are focusing on Kanye’s ferver, cadence, and the style used when he approaches these truth’s, more than his statement.

Style is so much a part of what makes Kanye West, Kanye West. There are few artists who can produce, rap, sing, draw, paint, storyboard concerts and videos, and design collections, AND go on rants about the injustices of couture and music at the same time. Does this make him a genius? (even if he annoys you) – debatable. Depends on how you define genius. The most valid argument against his approach is his lack of advocacy for substance rather than self-fulfilling prophecies that will grow his own empire. Are these institutions exclusionary and rigged? Of course. Would we rather rally behind Kanye if he spent time ranting about institutional injustices that affect the masses? Absolutely!

Regarding fashion – there has been so much talk about Kanye’s skill set as a Designer, but he has really only had pockets of opportunity to actually exhibit what he’s capable of. The collaboration with french retailer A.P.C. was viewed as an overpriced tee shirt display and with the owner Jean Touitou’s recent “Last N*ggas In Paris” collection that he claims Kanye co-signed, one has to question the politics of Ye’s complaints.

Either way, that doesn’t stop Ye and today the artist has unveiled a collaboration with Adidas Originals that could give voice to critical assessment of whether Mr. West has the vision that can stand up in the serious fashion lane that he so desperately seeks an invitation from…


Kanye West x Adidas Originals – Fall 2015


New York: Kanye West’s Fall collection for Adidas Originals mashes up performance and loungewear with a military utilitarian inspired sensibility. A mixture of luxe skins and furs with bare undergarment dressing, this presentation displayed a juxtaposition of function and comfort. Danskin elements such as hosiery and sweat pants are combined with oversized, androgynous, boxy outerwear that were a nod to military influenced fabrications. Surprising pops of fur and distressed shearling created rugged luxury, while the shapes and fit of an extensive amount of loop-back terry pieces felt too pedestrian to celebrate the subtle attempts at luxe styling. The palette made for a refreshing neutral refresh for Fall, with exciting departures from the black and military greens to a few pops of corals and reds peppered in on some of the female models. Overall the presentation included some unique outerwear pieces that were thoughtful and a clear homage to the Designer’s complex yet signature high-meets-low aesthetic, but it fell short in staying tight with substance, with all of the nude hosiery bases and bullet-hole distressed knitwear feeling redundant.

Silhouette: Oversized / Boxy / Cropped / Baggy

Color: Black / Olive / Chocolate / Nude / Khaki / Cherry Red / Melon / Peach / Forest Green / Heather Grey / Slate Grey

Key Items: Shearling jackets / Flesh toned Unitards / Sweatpants / Cropped Sweatshirts / Distressed Sweaters / Utility Vests

Materials: Fur / Leather / Looped-back Fleece / Wool / Twill / Cotton Jersey

Details + Trims: Patch Pockets / Velcro Closures / Twill Shoulder Patches / Bullet-hole Distressing

Accessories + Footwear: Nude Hosiery / Knee Socks / Seamless Undergarments / High-Top Sneakers / Suede Weekender Bags / Flesh toned knee-high boots


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What’s that jacket Margiela?

Today is the day that Parisian brand, Martin Margiela’s collection for H&M is available  to the masses. The global retailer is no stranger to partnering with high-end designers to present a more affordable range, but this collaboration was particularly special to  fashion intelligencia who have coveted Margiela for their avant-garde details and masterful tailoring for years. Folake Ologunja. Photo by Erica Sewell.

Unlike more well-known designers that H&M has  recently partnered with, such as  Versace, one could easily say that your average American consumer (and certainly the everyday H&M customer), had never heard of Margiela until rapper Kanye West shouted them out. Much like Versace during the heyday of Notorius B.I.G., West bragged about his rich and fashionable lifestyle by saying, “What’s that jacket Margiela?” in the infamous N*ggas in Paris track with Jay-Z on their Watch The Throne album last summer. The global visibility that those simple four words can bring to a french designer cannot be taken lightly, and can probably be attributed to the retailer’s decision in partnering with Margiela to ensure that the collection will be profitable.  In short, hip-hop has put a large sum of money into fashion pockets across the table (per usual). In return I’m sure that Mr. West has made great friends with the those behind the label, received lots of freebies, and was certainly asked to attend the launch – clad in the collection from head to toe (we hear that the jacket that he wore that day was selling on ebay for an insane amount). Unlike the Marni for H&M collaboration, I didn’t remember to chase invites to the preview this time, but was encouraged to weather the crowd this morning with my fashion partner in crime/Art PR maven, Folake Ologunja (of Folake Forever). We came, we saw, we accomplished. After a 6am call time, bonding with determined wardrobe stylist strangers and Japanese tourists, and a pleasant breakfast in between, we walked away stress-free and with some lovely goodies.

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