Jones Sisters


In a former life, I was on the design team of a brand with someone called Joe who is now a Design Director for the LA cool kids label, Band of Outsiders. Joe (a blonde with beautiful blue eyes from Wisconsin), and I used to always wax poetic about culture and music, and he particularly liked talking to me about hip hop. This was in the early 2000’s and I remember the Aaliyah tributes that he would spark up on our design studio radio after she passed away. I mention these memories because it seems like Band of Outsiders is tapping into an awareness that icons related to this culture are where it’s at for capturing their fashion aesthetic. They recently selected Frank Ocean to model Menswear, and have now unveiled the gorgeous daughters of Quincy Jones to model their Womens. We all know Rashida Jones from her acting, and I’m sure that Joe and team know her sister Kidada from dating the late great Tupac Shakur and also being besties with the late great Aaliyah. These two brown beauties look super chic in these shots. Way to go Joe!


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August, 2013 · 3:44 pm

One response to “Jones Sisters

  1. Iris

    Such a nice tribute to Joe!

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