Nina Z Namesake

tumblr_inline_mh1fjj5PZJ1ro0izwOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

NINA Z,  Sp/Sum ’13 merchandise. ‘ERIKA’ shoe (bottom, photos by Nina Z).

Oh the perks of being friends/associates with stylish shoe designers! From the moment that I purchased my first pair of Nina Z clogs (featured here in the ‘2011 Best of’ for footwear), I have been obsessed with this collection. Since my EVA A’s, and recently acquired CAMILLA B’s, I had been poking around to see which Spring/Summer clog from this range could become my signature shoe for 2photo 4Inside the home of NINA Z (photos by Erica Sewell)

Fortunately I recently found myself in the home of Miss Nina Z herself prior to her Southern African holiday/inspiration trip (and right after she was featured in Elle Decor Sweden). This is when she gave me the exciting news that NINA Z would be naming one of their new styles after me: the ERIKA!! For those who know that my name is spelled with a soft ‘C’ (not a hard ‘K’), please note that the designer’s disclaimer was that while she loves me, she can not stray from the naming rules of her Swedish brand, and therefor must assign the traditional spelling of my name in her native tongue to this funky slingback. Potato, Tomato, I’ll take it!

*The ERIKA will be available for purchase in the new Sp/Sum ’13 NINA Z collection online, at the Brooklyn Flea, and at various stocklists on the site.


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One response to “Nina Z Namesake

  1. Iris Sewell

    I love it!! Such an honor and so well deserved for the fashionista that you are (and have been all of your life).

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