Federica on Love

Photo of Federica taken from skattiewhatareyouwearing.blogspot.com

My dear friend Federica Angelucci is both wise and chic. In fact she’s the chicest Italian in all of South Africa. My belief in her incredible style was confirmed when she asked me to help edit her closet and I almost had a fashion orgasm (as Rachel Zoe says) from some of the pieces that were discovered. I die.Photo of Federica taken from skattiewhatareyouwearing.blogspot.comlooks from Federica’s closet taken at her home in Cape Town, 2010

Since we met I have been telling her how chic she is and we’ve developed an ongoing intellectual dialogue on two very deeply feminist topics: fashion and boys. In between all of her insight on these important matters, Federica finds time to be a Director at Michael Stevenson Gallery (the esteemed contemporary art haven on the continent) in Cape Town, South Africa . You can catch an exhibit curated by her entitled “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” until January 14th. This woman is brilliant and is also writing a dissertation on such subjects, so it is definitely worth your while.Gabriel Orozco, My Hands Are My Heart, 1991, Two silver dye bleach prints, Each 9 1/8 x 12 ½” (23.2 x 31.8 cm)Gabriel Orozco, Phoenix Kite, Gouache, charcoal, pastel on paper, 72 1/4 x 38 in. (183.52 x 96.52 cm)

Between being a style icon, curator, scholar, love doctor and occasional capoeirista, thankfully Federica also finds time to meander around town with me when she’s in New York. On her last visit she and I were able to catch the last few days of the  “Corplegados and Particles” exhibit at Marian Goodman Gallery where our mutual love for Gabriel Orozco’s work was discovered.

The ongoing fashion/boy dialogue with Federica is always educational and on this particular day she reminded me of one of her famous jewels of wisdom concerning relationships. In her Italian accent and with deep sincerity she slowly stated;  “When one is hungry and they reach for jelly beans, they will only end up with a belly ache.” Marinate on that.


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  1. Gianco

    I fully agree. Federica is cool!

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