The Meadow

While strolling down Hudson Street with NYC-Toronto style guru Warren Satchell, we received a “must check out” recommendation from our friends at the Monocle shop.We bypassed the touristas lined up at Magnolia bakery in search of ice cream, and instantly fell in love with this charming shop which “specializes in artisan salt, the world’s great chocolate bars, bitters and other gourmet items for the bar and kitchen.” In addition to being the cutest store you ever did see, the adorable shop keeper at The Meadow said that they bring in these lovely fresh cut flowers to sell daily.But nothing did it for us more than these old fashioned ice cream sandwiches that can be adorned with their decadent selection of salts! After a midday stroll, delic lunch at Westville, a peek into the new APC store, and a snag of some exclusive Monocle pieces, me and my faves ate our sandwiches in the front garden seating area…a lovely West Village day indeed!


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