Cocktails & Culture with Daze

isn’t she lovely?

One of my dear friends of several years just happens to be the “Queen of Effortless Chic”, Ms. Daisy Lewellyn (yea, I’m bragging. She’s so fly though!). “Daze” – as some choice friends call her after an unforgettable South Africa trip (inside joke) – has returned to New York from her LA hiatus to do another one of her fabulous style segments. Thankfully the two of us could catch up and do some good ole’ NYC “arts & culture” day drifting through Meatpacking and Chelsea…we met at Chelsea Market and couldn’t resist popping into Anthropologie…they always look AMAZING!!and what would an afternoon outing be without cocktails & lunch at La Bottega?off to see some art (at a gallery), but nyc street art catches us along the wayand finally we arrive to the main event: the Malick Sidibe’ exhibit at Jack Shainman Gallery. Daisy did a whole exhibit day (coming from the Met earlier to check out “Savage Beauty” while in town), and Sidibe’ is one of my all time favorites! The only thing that could’ve made us girls happier is if some generous donor would have stepped in and bought us everything off of the walls for our own collections…a girl can only dream!


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