Casting For Figures

(example of reference images from the civil rights era)

Dates:                        1. Sunday, 22 May                                    2. Monday, 23 May

Times:                            12pm – 5pm                                        10am – 4pm

Location:            MCA Graduate Building

Art Education Workshop room on the 2nd floor

477 South Main Street (across from Fire Station) Cross street is West Butler Ave


Artist Leslie Hewitt, cinematographer Bradford Young, and producer Karin Chien, with the support of three major art institutions, will be creating a series of short silent (non-linear) film vignettes that will point to themes of migration, integration and ultimately the envisioning of a contemporary American landscape.

This series is in response to the Adelaide de Menil Carpenter and Edmund Carpenter photography collection, which documents aspects of 20th century American race‐based cultural and political life through the eyes of photographers Bob Adelman, Leonard Freed, Bruce Davidson, Danny Lyon, Dan Budnik and Elliott Erwitt and the selection criteria of the collectors.

Hewitt and Young’s film installation will be exhibited in 2012 at the following supporting art institutions:

The Menil Collection            

Los Angeles County Museum of Art 

The Des Moines Art Center


Hewitt in collaboration with Young want to address the limits of still photography and the photojournalistic model explored in the collection through the creation of a film-based project. This project will focus on the personal, yet political and the public, yet private worlds that were often missed by the traditional camera lens.

We are looking to cast the following for mainly profile shots (see above example):

  • Males and Females ages 19-24
  • Available to shoot for 4-5 daytime hours between May 31st – June 3rd, 2011
  • $75 per diem

If interested please come to the Sunday May 22nd casting with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Your available times to meet for a casting call back on Monday, May 23rd
  4. Your 4-5 hour availability during the day from May 31st – June 3rd

For inquiries, contact:


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