Cape Town Fashion Week ’10: Stoned Cherrie, “Love Movement”

In the grand spirit of African Inspired chic, Stoned Cherrie delivered a vibrant show full of bright primary colors, hombre and dip dyed flowy dresses and lots of beading, stitched and printed details displaying a “Proudly South African” Spring/Summer collection.

Refreshingly wearable, as with the Love Movement collection for retailer Foschini, the show included some of the printed ruffle front blouses and dresses, and the favorite graphic tees that display vintage covers of the popular black South African, “Drum” magazine, paired with multi-layered A-line, raw edged skirts with the rainbow coloured stitching found on the hem of East African scarves.

Bold warm and cool colour combined crepes and chiffons layered and draped in dresses and skirts, styled with intricately beaded belts and accessories.

One shoulder detailed maxi dresses and blouses with embellished collars. Brightly coloured billiard balls and fringes, along with feather capelets. A primary coloured palette of reds, blues, greens, and yellows, all grounded in black and umber.

Intricate stitching and knife pleated borders with classic feminine shapes and the occasional mini and cascade circle skirts. Appliquéd organic leaf shapes and wax printed traditional fabrics in classic shapes with lots of fish tail hems and sophisticated blouse shapes. Contrast colour blocking with prints and patterns.

The entire collection was accessorized with brightly coloured feathers, beads, woven bags, bangles, earrings and belts.



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