Cape Town Fashion Week ’10: Craig Native

After a brief break from the runway, with lots of European retail success and an Adidas World Cup range in between, Craig Native finished Cape Town Fashion Week with a full collection of sporty menswear.

From ethnic to preppy, the first looks were grounded in a tribal printed cool coloured tracksuit, moving on to a variation of blue tones inserted into varsity sweaters, and a recurring marble tye dyed denim fabric used for stand collared shirts with military epaulette details, as well as slack shaped jeans.

The occasional formal suiting and tuxedo styling was made to look more utilitarian and athletic with the incorporation of backpacks and aviator cobalt blue straps.

The tye dyed effect denim spilled over into the same treatment on red denim, making the palette full circle with mostly blues, reds, khaki’s and blacks. It felt collegiate yet athletic and sometimes sleek.

Jackets with shine in nylons and ribbed knit “Members Only“ details, as well as cotton canvas classic outwear were all mixed with an array of graphic tees, including the “WHAT U GHANA DO?” tee, which resonated brilliantly with the post-World Cup African audience.

Black and white stripes and checkered patterns inserted themselves into the front of shirts and polo’s, paired with double breasted cardigans and three-quarter lengthed trench jackets and cropped sweat pants.

Retro Italian contrast intarsia sweaters found themselves in the mix with draped capes, oversized bowling bags and the signature Native skateboarding and break dancing finale.

Collegiate meets hippie B-boy, in blues, reds and sleek blacks.


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