Only Gold For Me

Thanks to my West Coast fashion tippers, this holiday season I was introduced to a new fave in the beauty world! Nail polish guru OPI has teamed up with mega retailer Sephora to create the exclusive “Only Gold For Me” Topcoat polish. Unlike other bedazzled polishes, one of the great things about this one is that it has large chunks of gold specs instead of tiny little glitter that can end up making the entire nail look gold. Sephora calls it “jewelry for your nails”, and as a fan of gold I can vouch for the accent that it brings to spark up your regular season color choices. The best part is that me and my West Coast team of insiders tried it with every color you can imagine, and I’m happy to report that it looks stunning over hues of red, merlot, grey, black, and even neutrals!  (it’s worth the extra effort needed to get the gold chunks off with remover:)


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