Africa Fashion Week 2010: Fabiani

While chatting in the VIP lounge between shows with members of the South African press (who will remain nameless), I had already heard the grumbling of not feeling like sitting through another Fabiani show, because they “do the same thing over and over”.

Well, I’m a rookie to AFW and since this is my first runway show on African soil, I have nothing but a clean slate and un-tainted views when it comes to the designer collections. The verdict you ask? Well, let’s just say that had it not been for the length of the show, I could excuse the grumbles of boredom and congratulate the South African born/European-based menswear label for a fun, smart and colorful SP/SU ? (since AFW is seasonless-but that’s another post) collection. But when a show starts at 6, 6:15pm and ends at 7p, I have to say that even the most vibrant collection would bore the already exhausted audience.

The highlights? Well, it got lively and the napping ceased whenever one of the brazen sex pot male models came down the runway with nothing but skivies on (which I think I counted at least thrice), or oddly enough, when the striking silver fox older black male model glided past (reminiscent of a refined and dapineer Madiba).

Overall I feel that Fabiani had a well styled Menswear collection that incorporated enough bright colors, trendy silhouettes (repeated harem pant for men), and contrasting prints to suit a retail assortment – but seeing these separates on rewind for 1 hour is a snoozer no matter what beefcake you enlist.

– July 1, 2010


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