Africa Fashion Week 2010: Abigail Betz

Clearly a formal favorite, Abigail Betz’s show was scheduled at a prime time slot (Thursday night), and well attended by the industry and friends alike.

I enjoyed the sweet and delicate nature of the flowy fabrics and whimsical organicness in what I would call a collection of smart, and simple, yet pretty bridalwear.

The palette was pastel, with periwinkle, lilacs and cotton candy pinks, but mostly dominated by white and crème gowns that seemed to be a variation on a theme (fishtail or a-line silhouettes), and started to become a bit redundant toward the end.

Overall, a very wearable collection, but my biggest disappointment was the shoe selections, which overwhelmingly killed the soft and sweet perspective. The footwear consisted of navy and tan granny heels provided by Aldo. Shame.

-July 1, 2010


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