The early bird gets the worm

So clearly a lot has happened since my last post (almost four months ago – eish!), and I have been meaning to blog every step of the way, but life, work and partial blame on shady and costly internet connections has delayed many attempts to be a consistent blogger. With that said, I found this opportune time (while on a 20 hour flight from JHB to JFK) to catch up and finally write most of the thoughts and experiences that have been churning through my stratosphere, in hopes of posting it all in one go as soon as I land in the good ole’ U-S of A with it’s uncapped and high speed internet. I know from my undergrad years that “excuses are the tools of the incompetent, and those who dwell upon them are seldom good for anything else”, but between the World Cup, two fashion weeks, and Africanet, I hope I can be given a pass by labeling each post with the originally intended time frame that it was meant for…(also reminds me of some reasonable compromises that I made with professors in school, but consider the cycle broken now)…


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