“What to wear on my fashion interview?” – Interview outfit of the month: Mid-level Menswear Design

For the month of September, I featured the first Menswear Interview Outfit. This industry may seem like it has more attention from women in society as a whole, but you’d be surprised at how many men work in the fashion business.

With that said, how should a young and eager fashionable man dress for an interview at a Menswear company? I chose a company that is one of the most well respected American menswear designers, with a fashionable aesthetic and a relaxed edge.

The interview outfit this month is: Associate Designer of Men’s Wovens for John Varvatos

1) We start with a more traditional interview look of a white shirt and black tie. The white shirt in this case, is a bit more modern because of it’s fit (slim) and collar shape (pointed). This shirt is the most expensive item in this look, yet not too unaffordable for the quality. I felt that it was worth it, and an investment peice for two reasons: #1 – it’s a basic white dress shirt, that should take you from casual to formal, and #2 – it’s by the designer who your interviewing with! (which as mentioned in previous Interview Outfit of the Month columns, is a nice touch).

Slim Fit Point Collar Dress Shirt. John Varvatos, $225

2) Since a pretty penny was spent on the shirt, I thought I would give your wallet a bit of ease on the black tie selection, picking up this easy accessory from one of our favorite low cost retailers. You could also go vintage for this same look and price, but that may require a bit more seeking. The nice thing about ties is that the maker is usually less important than with other items of a wardrobe. In this case, I found a cheap chic skinny black tie, and the best part is that it’s textured with a crochet stitch. Knit ties are a very American rock boy meets varsity look, which embodies the Varvatos aesthetic.

Crochet Knit Skinny Tie. Forever 21 (Heritage1981), $9.90

3) Next comes the part of this outfit that distinguishes it from the traditional (non-fashion) interview outfit. Instead of wearing some nice slacks and turning this look into a suit look, I suggest rocking a pair of darker rinsed jeans. Varvatos has a relaxed vibe, and you wouldn’t want to appear too stuffy as a design candidate. Plus, the brand of the company identifies well with denim. These are also an investment peice and should be able to get a lot of wear and tear in all different settings.

Indigo Rinse Mid Skinny jean. Oak, $146

4) This is where classic meets trendy, as we incorporate a more memorable peice to a simple wardrobe. In the spirit of Fall in New York, and a nod to the Lumberjack chic look that has been prevelant for the past few seasons, I suggest pairing this look with a plaid cardigan of sorts. Instead of a blazer, which could just turn the look back into a casual suit, or a traditional v-neck solid cardigan sweater, I think that this more fashion peice speaks volumes to style sensibility. You will still be wearing a shirt and tie, but this type of jackety cardigan shows that you have an edge (plus it will keep you warm enough to be worn as a jacket). It also adds color to this otherwise neutral palette, while being easy on the wallets.

Buffalo Plaid Cardigan. Gap, $78


5) Last but not least, we turn to the shoes. A mans shoes are as important as a womens’ shoes. Or they should be! Perhaps second to the cardigan in terms of trend, and edge is the mens fall boot. The rustic and worn looking ankle boot is something that should be comfortable, but also compliment your fitted jeans. Again, the shirt and tie are anchoring the “interviewness” of this look, and the cardigan and boot will be the style glory that suggests to the team of designers that you understand trend and don’t take yourself too seriously (especially as a junior level designer for a fun and relaxed brand). Also an investment, but pretty afordable considering its a durable shoe. I love that they come looking roughed up, but your buying them  brand new at Macy’s!


Fulton Chelsea Boots. Frye, $198


Happy Interviewing!

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