“What to wear on my fashion interview?: Interview outfit of the month: Career Fairs

Don’t you just love Fall in New York City? After a quiet summer with no one around, all of a sudden you start to hear the pitter-patter of recent graduates, anxiously running around with their careers and future on the brain.

In the first weeks of September, the weather can be a bit unpredictable, but Fall is certainly being displayed in windows and Fashion Week is around the corner.

Career Fairs are in full effect! Fairs such as the StyleCareers.com Career Fair, have different companies come together in one place to meet and greet hundreds of eager potential candidates. Companies such as Gucci, Ann Taylor, Blooingdales, Payless, Polo Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie and more could be in attendence.

With that said, how do you dress for an interview with forty different companies at once? In addition to the always relevant advice from the first Interview Outfit of the Month, when facing multiple companies at once, I advise a happy medium in your dressing. Below is an example of what I consider a good outfit for an event like the Fall Fashion Career Fair…

1. Comfort First, Season Second
Since the weather is transitional in early September, try looking like your conscious of the Fall season with your palette, yet allow for the silhouttes to go well with the actual weather (i.e. sleeveless, no hosiery, and still okay to expose the toes).

Empire waist tank dress: Gap $39.50

2. Accessorize
At the Internship Fair you will be seated while speaking to employers, so the waist up is what they’ll see the most of. Instead of breaking the bank to purchase a new, eye catching outfit, perhaps use your accessories to grab attention and also be a conversation starter. This Guam by Crumley necklace is part of a Fair Trade Jewelry line using sustainable materials from Kenya (and sold at Urban Outfitters, which is owned by Anthropologie who may be attending the fair).

Guam by Crumley necklace

3. Designer Staples
If you do have the urge to treat yourself to something in a higher price-point – (after you’ve paid your rent first ofcourse:) – shoes and handbags are always good staples to consider, as they can be used with many looks, and fashion people tend to notice these items. The tote bag is large enough to hold plenty of resumes, a laptop and/or a sketch book for samples of your work. The heels are wide enough that they should be comfortable while your standing in line. These two pieces go well together, and both use patent which works well for fall and gives the items a luxury pop.

Patent Pump: Marc by Marc Jacobs

“Daria” tote in emerald: Mulberry $795

Happy Interviewing!


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